Avoid Converting Casino Outlets to Bars and Follow Covid-19 Rules

Mr. Stephen Kampyongo, Zambia’s Home Affairs Minister, has urged casino owners not to transform gaming clubs The minister said casinos should remain casinos and not be turned into bars.

He made these words on Delight FM Chinsali District, Muchinga Province. Operators who disobey President Edgar Lungu’s decision would be severely punished, Mr. Kampyongo added. He also advised all visitors to the casinos to maintain social distance and wear face masks at all times. Those who ignore the president’s order risk having their companies shut down or their licenses removed, while police and other law enforcement agencies will continue to patrol day and night.

A few months ago, the Zambia Gaming Association (ZGA) praised President Edgar Lungu for permitting casino shops to open.

But the health problem is crucial for national growth. (ZGA) Chairperson Gif Simusamba said restoring Lusaka’s casinos would help social and economic growth. Mr. Simusamba has nevertheless urged ZGA members, which include casinos, sports betting facilities, and slot businesses, to follow health regulations. However, the minister’s warning was tempered by speculations that some casino owners are increasingly converting casino clubs into bars to make clients feel at ease and have fun.

However, the authorities recognize that is not fair for the gamers visiting casino sites.

The location also acts as an avenue bar where people gather to drink alcohol, causing significant harm to the players, who will be unable to leave if things do not go as planned.

However, there are various casinos, including the Galaxy and Great Wall Casinos in Lusaka. The Fairmount Hotel and Casino Livingstone is one of the newer casinos in the province. These casinos provide a broad range of table games, slot machines, video games, and poker games. Multi-line slots, blackjack, and American roulette all match international requirements. In fact, casinos are a tourist draw in Zambia.

However, the Betting Control Act of 1994 established a four-member Betting Control and Licensing Board that issues licenses to bookmakers and betting establishments. The Casino and Gaming Machines (Prohibition) Acts were abolished by the Casino Act.

This legislation governs the licensing process and issues temporary casino licenses. However, the Tourist Enterprise Authorization and Licensing Committee was formed in 2007 to oversee all tourism centers and casinos in Zambia.

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