Take idea that quantum components can exist all while in two separate states – both as particles

As small specs of residue, and furthermore as waves or conditions of unadulterated non-actual energy. How might they be both simultaneously? Particles mean matter – a “thing”; waves are vigorous in nature – a potential. At the point when unseen, these weird components appear to act just in wave-like structure, moving and vibrating, connecting with different energies in perplexing and baffling ways. Here they address unadulterated energy with limitless potential.

Yet, when researchers “look” or endeavor to gauge quantum peculiarities, these components leave as it were “impressions” – the idea to the eyewitness that they are discrete particles as confirmed, for instance, as the tracks left by electrons on a visual plate. Does this imply that matter has no genuine presence besides from our noticing edge or reference? Is its presence just obvious in view of our tangible or estimating contraption?

This is somewhat of a stretch for my informal brain

Are quantum components both energy and matter simultaneously… yet, just detectable as particles? Assuming this is the case, this leads me to some fascinating hypothesis. To start with, we should likewise be at last made out of these odd quantum components by excellence of the way that we are an assortment of particles and particles in natural and cell structure. Is it safe to say that we are in this way both matter and energy simultaneously also – exchangeable and open to limitless states and potential outcomes?

That’s what science proposes, without estimation or perception, the normal condition of everything exists as unadulterated energy – erratic and everlastingly communicating with other energy fields in a huge universe of endless potential. This would recommend that our own singular quantum energies are in a ceaseless collaboration with those of any remaining quantum energies, associated and moving with divine request. I love the picture this infers – for my purposes, it is the idea of profound association.

Science is fairly more ordinary, notwithstanding

Perceptions of these elements uncover just their molecule or matter part at a particular moment. When noticed, the capability of these quantum components to take different structures or bearings has been perpetually lost, frozen in time minus any additional chance. These noticed and recorded particles are presently independent and discrete. It is said, in logical language, that their limitless potential and intelligence has “fell” into a molecule (or physical) state through perception. Before perception there was just vivacious potential… with limitless chance. All in all, when we “know” the present status, the other potential expresses never again exist. We open the crate and look inside. We should see what’s in there. Perhaps there’s treasure… perhaps not. Anything it is before exists as unadulterated potential… as a vivacious state… until we open the crate. Then we know. Presently its items are genuine and limited… its true capacity has imploded… isolated. Could there be a method for opposing this compulsion to peer inside the case and consistently stay in a limitless condition of expectation? Difficult for us people. We’re not assembled or wired that way. Our psyches and self-images request to see reality thus we persistently open the crate in a continuous journey to gauge ourselves, our items, against the items in others. In this manner, we discrete and seclude.

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